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R2RML mappings for the MusicBrainz schema on an entity-by-entity basis.

These can be run on the MusicBrainz server using ultrawrap, for which a script is provided (
(You must set an environment variable ULTRAWRAP_HOME)

Running musicbrainz-r2rml/ entity (where entity is artist, track, etc.) runs the appropriate set of mappings
e.g. mappings/artist.ttl
to produce output in the form of NTriples
e.g. output/artist.nt

A virtual machine is available (for use with VirtualBox, VMware, etc.) with a replicated MusicBrainz database.

Note that the file must reflect your DB name:
* musicbrainz_db is the default for a snapshot
* musicbrainz_db_slave is the default for a replicated database